By Tessa Judge, Marketing Coordinator

Unbeknownst to me when I began my time at Sentergroup a mere nine months ago, entering into a small-but-growing company has its perks, one of which is having front row seats to the positive shifts and changes the company must make to fit a bigger demand. As a company, we’ve spent the past few months reworking our overall mission statement and goals, zeroing in on the professional direction Sentergroup needs to go. We’ve implemented a policy for mandatory staff education and professional development, ensuring we stay ahead of association trends. Each employee has taken it upon him or herself to contribute ideas towards Sentergroup’s professional standing, and not one idea has gone unheard.

What may rival the strategic planning for Sentergroup in the professional sense, however, is the culture that this company has so carefully cultivated for its employees. Having been a part of Sentergroup for less than a year, I’m still experiencing a few firsts here and there, witnessing how each of my coworkers handles crises, how they handle the responsibility that comes with their respective roles, and how each one has the decency to laugh at themselves every once in a while. Sure, the team is working hard to make the company all that it should be from an outsider’s perspective. However, I would venture to say that everyone works just as hard, possibly unintentionally, to create a relationship-building, joke-telling, self-sacrificing company culture. We certainly value and enjoy the work that we do on a day-to-day basis, but collectively, we understand that nothing compares to the lives that we lead once the clock strikes 5:00pm.

Enter: a company manifesto.

As a company that serves many clients, it’s easy to forget that we are first and foremost Sentergroup employees. We needed a clear statement to both remind ourselves and tell the outside world who we are, what makes our hearts stir, and what we believe. As Tea Silvestre of The Word Chef explains, it was time to get up on our soapbox and create something on which to put the Sentergroup signature.

Charged with the task of writing the company manifesto, I turned to the Internet for ideas. I found inspiration in all shapes and sizes. Levi’s rallies the masses with its call to “Go Forth,” while The North Face Manifesto reminds us that we’re never done exploring (and makes me feel like the ultimate couch potato). You may have seen the sensational Holstee Manifesto when it went viral, created in both classic typography and video manifesto form. Holstee founders reportedly wanted to create something that would serve as a boost if they ever “found themselves living according to someone else’s definition of happiness.” If you missed it before, be sure to favorite it now for when you need a little motivation.

With all of these ideas tucked away, I turned to write the Sentergroup Manifesto. As a company and culture that will continue to experience many changes over the years, it was time to declare some kind of center for us to always return. Rather than tell you more about it, let me just point you right to it. As Lululemon so succinctly states, “Get to know our manifesto and learn a little more about what lights our fire.”

Sentergroup Manifesto:

We are committed first and foremost, to not taking ourselves too seriously. We work hard and take chances, all the while recognizing that what we do and with whom we do it once our work is complete, is infinitely more important than what we do at the office. We treat each other with fairness and respect, fully understanding that, above all else, we are human. We value each other’s uniqueness and strive to create a safe space in which all personalities can thrive, where skills are affirmed and successes are celebrated. We appreciate a challenge, relish in a job well done, and delight in a good happy hour. We believe there is always an answer. We believe in honesty. We fully intend to better our corner of the world with kindness, ambition, and maybe just a few bad jokes.