Spenser Davis

Account Associate

Service Focus: Administration & Operations, Marketing & Communications

Spenser Davis is an Account Associate for Sentergroup, responsible for client service, program implementation support, and daily operations of the office. Actively involved in Chicago theater as a writer and actor, Spenser thrives in customer relations and giving clients and guests their first impression of Sentergroup.

Spenser joins Sentergroup with over five years experience in the non-profit sector and a prior position as Merchant Researcher for Groupon.

Spenser graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Creative and Business Writing, from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Happy Place

Northwest Arkansas. Or the Original Pancake House.

Can’t Go Without

His blue suede shoes

Favorite Things

  • Breaking Bad (not the show, the activity)
  • Bacon
  • BBQ
  • Bacon
  • Family
  • Bacon… with family

“Don’t let the other teams hear you complain … save it for the bus.”